Tips for Fall Maintenance of Your Air Suspension

air suspensionYour Polyair suspension is designed to provide a lifetime of reliability. However, in order for it to work to the best of its ability, it’s crucial to perform simple routine maintenance every so often.

Unless you live in a climate that doesn’t include snow, winter is bringing with it freezing temperatures, muddy, slushy roads and the routine slipping and sliding of your normal commute. Fall is a great time to make sure your Four Wheel Drive Suspension is up to the challenges that winter has in store.

Check Your Air Pressure
When your vehicle is unloaded, check the air pressure in your Polyair springs. Make sure the minimum recommended pressure of 5 PSI is maintained. Minor fluctuation in air pressure is to be expected when the outside temperature fluctuates, but if you are losing air consistently, you may have a leak.

If you think you may have a leak in your air suspension, you can perform a very simple leak test to see whether or not a leak is occurring. Just create a mixture of soapy

Autonomous Cars Concepts

carAn autonomous car is an independent vehicle capable of fulfilling the transportation capabilities of a standard car on its own by navigating and sensing the environment without any human intervention or input.
They use techniques such as computer vision, lidar, GPS and radar to sense their surroundings. The sensory information is then interpreted using advanced control systems in order to identify appropriate paths for navigation, relevant signals and any obstacles. This implies that they always update their sensory information based on sensory input making them able to detect their positions even when they enter into undocumented areas or even when the conditions change.

The automotive industry is on the brink of a major transformation as various car concepts hits the streets of various cities. The artificial intelligence used by them is changing the relationship between the driver, the car and future transportation. The technology used in these cars shifts the various roles which initially performed by humans to be performed by the car.

From Google self-driving car, Volvo autonomous vehicle, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, LUTZ Pathfinder to the recent unveiled Nissan IDS

Mercedes Benz – The Latest Craze In The Year Of 2016

Mercedes-Benz has launched local production GLA SUV of its manufacturing facility. In early October last year, Mercedes-Benz has launchedthe GLA 45 AMG at Rs 69.60 Lac. The AMG version of this model is powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder 355bhp belt and 450 Nm of torque, paired with 7-speed AT.

This includes a more aggressive style, courtesy of AMG body styling. External changes in the form of a front bumper wearing largest combined air jacks with a front splitter made of brushed aluminum, side skirts and an integrated receiver rear bumper with quad chrome exhaust tips diffuser showcased. Large wheels in 19-inch alloy improve the overall attitude of the vehicle and for a top notch wheel you may check the best deal from UsaRim.


This SUV has a typical body structure as opposed to an SUV and is highlighted with an overall height of the only 1494mm. It adorns an aspect that no other SUV in its respective part. Its front color is not as elegant, but cosmetics campaign makes it intimidating look. The front grille is positioned horizontally and louvers are integrated with the company logo. The cluster has a black design and

How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Ride Quality With Shock Absorbers

If you really want to keep away from any unfortunate vehicular accidents, you must take proper safety precautions and install quality shock absorbers!

Shock Absorbers, also known as Struts play an indispensable part when it comes to reducing the unnecessary bounce that you get when you drive your car under difficult circumstances and providing you comfort throughout your journey. Also, this can help you smooth your ride and keep your tires on the ground, which moreover help you control your vehicle in a better way and improve its handling too. It also shows its effect on both steering and braking systems of your vehicle.

These safety tools are built with an intention to stabilize a sudden shock and drive away kinetic (movement) energy. All automotive systems work by the guideline of changing over dynamic energy into thermal (warmth) energy. They live up to expectations by “damping” the pressure and augmentation of the vehicle’s suspension springs to anticipate constant bouncing.

Why Shock Absorbers?

They are well-known as dampers as they offer resistance to suspension movements. They are hydraulic or perfunctory devices that are designed to soak up or damp shock impulses. It is necessary to

Things To Know About Safety Equipment Used On Vehicles

If I name some of the most popular pieces of public safety equipment, the warning lights, siren speakers, push bumpers and grille lights of different types will come to mind. With the increasing rising risks for first responders, the need for these essential items is critical. There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of police, fire fighters, and EMS for the safety of the public.

These products are used constantly; all having and meeting the same purpose, public safety. The light and sound systems used by the police and other first responders are a type of safety equipment.

Public safety radio and speakers

All through the hours of an emergency or patrolling, the police are largely dependent on their vehicle’s flashing lights, emergency radio systems, sirens, and speakers. These devices are made to comply with and act perfectly during their emergency operations.

Though these devices are often left un-maintained, neglected, and taken for granted, but they indeed are an important utility that should be taken well care of. If these systems would not work properly, first responders and those they serve could be imperiled.

The manufacturers of public safety equipment incorporate

All You Need to Know About Wheel and Tire Safety

tire and wheelYour entire car performance depends on how well the four wheels handle the road. Many people often focus on engine maintenance and forget all about the wheels that the car rides on.

Wheel and tire performance is very important for your safety when driving. The following are some important factors to keep in mind:

Check your tire pressure

Depending on how often you drive your car, you may need to check your tire pressure at least once a week. Getting the right tire pressure prolongs the lifespan of the tires, enhances safety and makes your vehicle more economical in fuel usage. Your tire lifespan may reduce by up to 75% even when you are operating at 80% tire pressure.

You can tell there is a pressure problem when the tires start wearing out faster on the outer edges. Tire blowouts often occur when the tire is under inflated since there is not enough air to hold up the weight of the vehicle. The sidewalls of the tires end up getting flexing beyond their limit and blow

Car Body Types Explained

Most of us don’t buy new cars all that often, so it’s no surprise that some people get confused over the descriptions of the various types of cars that are available on the market. Most of the terms used to describe a type of car refer to its body shape, rather than its performance, or other features. If you are thinking of buying a new car, then arm yourself with the facts before you hit the showrooms with this simple and easy to follow guide to the various types of cars and their body shapes.


A sedan, which is sometimes called a saloon, is the standard passenger car that has a bonnet at the front, a boot for luggage in the back, and usually four doors. This is one of the most popular types of car and they are ideal for families, as they usually seat four or five people comfortably.


Hatch-backs are the types of cars that have no rear boot, but they have a rear compartment that can be accessed via a door that swings open at the back. The other feature of this type of car is that rear

4 Effective Tips to Protect the Exteriors of a Car

For most car owners, what gives maximum stress, is keeping the condition and look of the vehicle anew. More than the interiors, it is the exteriors of the car that are a major concern for them. For all those who wish to enjoy envy from friends and neighbors, it is recommended that, they personally take care of their prized asset. Given below are a few useful tips for keeping the vehicle in a good condition.

1. Aim for a Spotless Exterior

First and foremost, one must wash away the external debris using water and hose. The biggest enemy to the exteriors of a car is bird droppings, which being acidic in nature, may ruin the car paint. In order to remove boulders & squirrel remains, one must pre-soak the vehicle using a mild liquid soap, spray, and a car wash sponge. Thereafter, each section must be taken and rinsed off thoroughly for about eight to ten minutes. This will help in keeping the color of the car intact.

2. Prevent the Vehicle Against Sun Damage

The sun rays may cause oxidation and premature fading of the paint of the vehicle. Hence, it is advisable

Buying a Commercial Vehicle All You Need to Know

When it comes to purchasing a commercial vehicle, one needs to take several things into consideration. Buying a truck or even a smaller van is a big monetary investment. Ensure that you have the answers to the following questions, before proceeding with the purchase:

What is the Budget?

There are various types of vehicles available in the market, but a good buying decision always stems from a thoughtfully prepared budget. Here, it is important to determine the return on investment, break-even, and the utility one can derive from the vehicle in the long run. All these factors have a direct implication on the budget.

Features – Needs Vs Wants

If one does not select the features of the vehicle cautiously, one may land up indulging in a costly proposition. It is important to note here that even minor adjustments to the truck might lead to huge costs. One should ensure that the features sought for, are an absolute requirement for the optimal performance of the vehicle.

What will be the primary use?

It is essential to outline the primary purpose of the vehicle. Once the primary attributes are defined, the rest of

How Safety Lights Assures Protection To Your Vehicle

Vehicle safety lights are visual warning lights outfitted to the vehicle. These help in instances where the driver wants to communicate to others on the road about the urgency of their journey. These lights act an additional warning of a danger when still, or during situations where the police wants the driver to halt for interaction.

Choosing safety light for your vehicle

Cars require appropriate emergency lights for safety purpose. This incorporates taillight, headlight, grill or dash light, and flashing systems, among others. These lights help the person to drive safely on the road and at the same time, protect others from any unwanted danger. People rarely pay attention to taillights of their vehicles as compared to the headlights. However, taillights are equally important for the vehicle’s safety and you must replace the damaged tail light or replace fused bulbs without any delay.

Notably, vehicle safety lights keep you as well as your car safe from any uncanny road situation while driving. These lights comprise a significant part of your vehicle as they guaranty protection through visibility even during adverse weather conditions. Be it heavy rain, foggy weather, storm or heavy snow, you can trust

What To Expect From A Clean Vehicle

The most important thing to remember about thoroughly cleaning any possession is that professionals dig deep to get out all of the grit, grime and debris that accumulates over time and use. As a general rule, most people lack the time to dedicate to such intense scrutiny of every crook and cranny. When left hidden, these compounds quickly eat away at the finish and hasten the demise of an otherwise perfectly good vehicle. Here is a brief of what to expect from a vehicle you did not have to clean.

For practical reasons, it is best to start with the interior so as not to track in debris left from cleaning the exterior. A high-powered vacuum cleaner removes dust, dirt, gravel, food scraps and other trash from the seating area and also from the boot. Each of the door jambs gets particular attention to removing that crusty looking dust that accumulates over time.

Maintaining clean windows means safer driving conditions. Application of special cleaning agents that remove all types of contaminants, including the haze of tobacco smoke on the inside and road grime from the exterior side of the windows. The application of additional products assists

Keep Your Car Running Great

Performing an inspection of your vehicle is important. If you plan on going an extended distance away you should always make sure your ride is ready for the trip. A quick check of your vehicle could save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Make sure to pay attention to the fluids when you check, not just the level. General appearance like color can help you determine the age or quality of the fluid, if there’s anything floating around like chunks are not a good sign. Foam or a milky look could indicate water. Feel the fluid, if it’s some sort of oil it should be oily, not gritty. And finally the smell, sometimes it smells burnt or just wrong.

• Park your vehicle on a smooth level surface. Place the vehicle in park and apply the parking brake. Remove the keys from the ignition and place in your pocket.

• Look underneath your vehicle. Check for any damaged or missing components. Look for signs of leaks like wet spots or puddles.

• Pop the hood. Check your oil level using its dip stick, make sure to wipe the dip stick off before

Tips On How to Negotiate With Car Dealers

So it’s time for a new car, and instead of using Craigslist or eBay, you’ve chosen to go the old-fashioned route and visit a dealership. Whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle, buying it from a dealership is a great route, as it allows for financing, warranties, and maintenance options. However, buying vehicles from car dealers can end up being more expensive than you want when it really doesn’t have to be. Understanding a few aspects of the purchasing process will be beneficial to all parties involved and will ensure that you get the best deal you can get.

1. Know When to Lease and When to Buy

This decision is one that can save you lots of money and hassle over time. The bottom line is quite simple; if a vehicle is going to appreciate in value, buy it. If it is going to depreciate, lease it. Leasing keeps your monthly payments manageable. If you know your car is only going to go down in value, leasing is the way to go. Leasing also typically comes with some sort of maintenance plan, and it allows you to upgrade your ride every few years. If

Top 6 Questions to Ask When Browsing for Used Cars

Purchasing used cars instead of new vehicles is a great way to save money, whether you’re looking for a starter vehicle for your teenager or a second automobile for the family. Before signing on the dotted line and bringing your new baby home with you, you’ll want to ask a few questions to make sure the car is the best value for your budget.

Is it a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Used cars that have minimal miles on them and are just a few years old typically qualify for certification as a pre-owned vehicle. These autos are tested and given warranties, which means that if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have it fixed.

Does it Come With a CARFAX History Report?

Not all of the inventory on the lot will come with a CARFAX history report, but if the company provides one, you should take them up on it. This document will reveal any known accidents the car was involved in, as well as any maintenance or repairs that were performed. You can use this information to better inspect the vehicle – especially the areas that

5 Tips for Getting Auto Service for Your Vehicle

Every model and make has its own nuances and every vehicle obviously has its own needs and requirements with respect to maintenance. Each and every part of your car is important and this means that you must give attention to all of them. This article will help you to understand how to maintain and service the parts of your car one by one.

1. Tyres and wheels

You need to rotate your tyres every 5,000 miles or every 8,000 km. cleaning the break dust off on a regular basis can also prove to be an important task. This is mainly because this break dust contains various sorts of nasty stuff. Also check the pressure of your tyre from time to time.

2. Engine

Engine is obviously the most important part of your vehicle or auto. Thus it is necessary to understand all the parts of your engine itself in order to create a good impact on your vehicle. Check your belts as often as possible and in order to maintain a good fuel economy rate, you should also check the pressure of your tyres. These checks are important for the long term wellness of

How to Decide What Trailer You Need

When it comes to choosing the right trailer that will best fit your needs, you may find there to be many different types, brands and models of trailers to choose from. Selecting the right trailer from the right manufacturer seems very challenging. How a trailer is designed goes far in determining how long it will last and whether it’s appropriate for your needs.

1. At the beginning you need to focus on the right manufacturer that is highly specialized in producing towing vehicles. This is one golden rule when buying a trailer and the reason is very simple. A trusted manufacturer will deliver a quality product at a reasonable price. Purchasing from a manufacturer you barely know, means you are putting yourself at a risk, especially if the dealer in not reputable.

2. What type of trailer do you need? Some trailers are made for personal use, but some trailers are highly specialized as part of large trucks and used for hauling heavy things. Decide the purpose. There are trailers made to haul motorcycles behind huge automobiles. Another type of trailer can carry weight and may be fully enclosed or adapted to protect the items during

What To Do With Your Wrecked Car

If you ever get into an accident or unfortunately have been in one, one of the many things that may come to a person’s mind is “What am I going to do with this piece of junk car?” Most people still being in the shock of the moment have the car towed back to their homes, and if they are lucky they have a driveway or garage, but some people are not as lucky and have to have it towed and parked on the street for a few days until they can decide what to do with it. Other people would just have a towing company pick it up and take it away, and goodbye car. Most towers will even charge you for the tow. Even those that had the vehicles brought to their home either by having it towed or driving it themselves now usually look around and try to find a salvage or scrap yard to take the car off their hands because they simply just don’t know what else to do. Still, in these cases many towers will still charge for the tow to the scrap yard and in other cases the scrap yard may

Taking Care of Your Car Environmental Factors

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are the caretakers of our environment and it is our duty to make sure it endures for future generations. That being said, environmental factors (including weather) can really do a number on your car, especially the exterior.

Acid Rain

Rain is a pretty big deal for us now in California. We are in the midst of perhaps the most severe drought in recorded history and we really, really, REALLY don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. The fact is, however, that factory pollutants basically convert to acid in our atmosphere and adhere to moisture that makes its way down to our cars as rain or snow. Sulfuric acid and nitric acid are the most common.

Basically, when the water from either rain or snow evaporates, it leaves the acid to eat away at your car’s paint job. Sunlight exacerbates this problem, since acid doesn’t evaporate like water. Some blame clear coat paint technology, which creates a mirror-like finish. Any etches or blemishes would show prominently with such a sheen. In addition, there are certain chemicals that can no longer be used in paint that makes

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Internally

It’s not unusual to see a shiny and very impressive car and then to glance inside and see what looks like a garbage scow.

That can be off-putting to friends, family and colleagues, many of whom might wonder what such a state might indicate about your wider lifestyle!

So, here are a few tips gleaned from professional luxury limo hire companies about keeping a vehicle clean.

1. Keep dirty people out of it. OK, partly a joke but it has a serious side. If people have muddy boots and shoes on, it’s not unreasonable to ask them to remove them before getting in. Even if you have good mats, mud can still get onto your upholstery. So, keep a plastic bag or box in the boot ready for dirty shoes. A limo hire company couldn’t ask their paying guests to do so but you as a private driver can!

2. Don’t allow eating in the car. Crumbs are a nightmare to get out of nooks and crannies, even with an industrial strength vacuum.

3. Be cautious about liquids. Sometimes hydration is important when driving but ask people to use a cup rather than

All About Rubber Speed Humps

A speed hump is a rounded parabolic device that aids in reducing a vehicle’s speed on residential areas. The unit is loved by many people as its easy and fast to install and remove, cost effective compared to asphalt speed humps, offers a consistent profile, easily conforms to the road curvature, and with the right tools you can install them alone.

Areas that you can install the humps

There are many areas where you can install the units. These areas include: Hospitals, parking facilities, residential areas, school zones, shopping centers, construction work zones, warehouses, nursing homes, playground areas and school crossings.

While you can install the units in residential areas, it doesn’t mean that you should install them without supervision. Before installing them, ask the city traffic engineer to inspect the area and approve it. The engineer should also guide you on the right size of humps that you should go for.

In addition to installing the humps, also consider installing warning signs that warn drivers of the humps. The signs should be clearly visible by approaching motorists and should be placed according to the local standards and laws.

Drainage problems have been